Chinese temple
Tuscany Italy


Global CommUnity is a thoughtful travel company created to help you map out

and plan your future exploration of the cultures, traditions, natural wonders and thrilling experiences that will help form who you are, broaden your understanding and

appreciation of others and the world, and truly become a Global CommUnity.

Life is precious. And there’s a lot to see in this big, wonderful world. Global CommUnity will help you map out and schedule your most important journeys as an individual or as a family.  And, relying on insiders at the destinations, Global CommUnity will offer customizable itineraries focused on revealing the heart and soul  of destinations, including quality exchanges with locals and hands-on activities to make a meaningful contribution to the betterment or preservation of the destination and all of its inhabitants.


These carefully crafted Global CommUnity itineraries will come in three forms: for adults only . . . families with young children 12 and under . . . and families with teenagers. Beyond the insightful travel plans and experiences, what will set Global CommUnity apart from other travel companies are the pre-trip destination engagement materials sent to travelers to excite and share key details about the destination, culture and wildlife — presented in relatable tools.


Younger children will receive a hand-made Global CommUnity doll with a storybook sharing the tale of similarly aged child at the destination. Teenagers will receive inspirational post-worthy applications to help them share  their excitement and fuel their curiosity with what is to come on the trip. Adults and parents will receive a curated selection of media — from classic movies and music to guidebooks and novels — to prime the mental pump before the adventure.


At Global CommUnity, we believe No One Is Foreign and traveling provides the ultimate classroom to teach us that as much as we are all different, we are also all the same.