Global CommUnity is a thoughtful travel

company created to help families map out and plan explorations around the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a Global CommUnity first by fostering meaningful connections amongst family members and then by engaging families with other cultures, all while leaving a positive footprint at home and abroad.


Purposeful Itineraries

Global CommUnity has teamed with the best travel providers

in over 25 destinations to create thoughtfully designed seven-night itineraries available in three versions (young children, teens and all-adults) and typically two price points (4-star and 5-star). Each itinerary features a meaningful and memorable CommUnity Impact activity for the whole family.


Preparing to Travel

Learning about the destination starts before the journey begins. You’ll receive pre-trip materials to prepare your whole family for the new foods, customs and traditions you will experience. Young travelers will love the exclusive destination dolls and books, while older travelers can learn from specially chosen movie and book downloads.


CommUnity Impact

Our unique CommUnity Impact opportunities allow families to better understand a community by seeing and participating in their efforts to renew and restore places, culture, economies and ecosystems. Our hope is that children will learn that there are many ways to solve social, ecologic and economic issues in a community and contribute to its flourishing.


Working with Global CommUnity

We encourage families to take advantage of our optional Life Travel Mapping Tool. This tool will enable you, with the help of your travel advisor, to plan the best times to travel, optimizing your experience, expanding your budget and engaging the interests of your family over a 5-10 year period.




Contact Your Travel Advisor

Customize Your Itinerary

Prepare for Travel

Commitment to Travel Advisors

At Global CommUnity, we firmly believe in the valuable role and purpose of a professional travel advisor. If you don’t currently work with a professional to manage your travel arrangements, we’ll introduce you to a fantastic travel advisor who is trained to explain and reserve Global CommUnity trips.


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